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COVID-19 ON THE RISE: The New COVID-19 Cal/OSHA Emergency Standard (effective November 30th, 2020)

OSHA Emergency Standard

Thank you to all of you who attended the webinar on OSHA Emergency Standards. As promised you will find links here for all of the materials shown during the webinar in addition to the video of the webinar.

A new OSHA Emergency Standard, adopted on November 30, addresses what an employer must do standard which all employers need to be prepared to follow in case of a positive Covid-19 case in their workforce. A newly written program, the Covid-19 Prevention Plan (CPP) is also now required for each company.

Alba Vazquez, President of Compliance Solutions and UCLA/UCI NOISH Course Director, presents the critical information needed to comply with the OSHA Emergency Standard and avoid any associated fines with non-compliance.

Watch Webinar Playback:

We have included a range of materials to help you and your business plan and implements its policies. We hope you find it useful.

In addition, you can find all of the links used or mentioned in the webinar below.





Downloads of slides and accompanying materials. 


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