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How to prepare for a surprise Cal/OSHA inspection

This month Alba helps us explore how to best prepared for a visit from CAL/OSHA

1. Is your facility under the Cal/OSHA’s radar?

2. How does your injury and illness rate relate to Cal/OSHA’s surprise inspection process?

3. When did working for you become more dangerous than working for the local circus?

4. When Cal/OSHA comes knocking: How to put together a protocol for such momentous occasions

5. The top 5 most cited violations in general and construction industries

6. How to go home citation and penalty-free

7. Some of the hot safety topics to prioritize:

a. A quick view of workplace violence (It could happen to you)

b. A quick view of COVID-19 (yes, the standard has been re-adopted for the 3rd time!)

c. A quick view of Heat Illness (did you miss last month’s topic?)

d. A quick look at the most overlooked safety practices that will get you in trouble and much more

8. Resources

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