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Managing claims and safety

How to protect your company when using staffing agencies or PEOs to get the job done.

During this 45 minute webinar we will cover:

1.     The reason behind OSHA and Cal/OSHA’s high inspection priority on employers who use temporary workers

2.     “Dual employment” and how it differs from “multi-employer” situations under Cal/OSHA’s definitions?

3.     What happens when a temporary worker gets hurt under your supervisor’s watch

4.     Who is responsible for training temporary workers?

5.     How about the use of PPE (personal protective equipment) for temporary workers?

6.     Who fills out the OSHA 300 log?

7.     Amputations, entanglement and other very common injuries suffered by temporary workers and what you should do now to prevent them

8.     Resources for the safety manager

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