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Category Archives for Workers Compensation

Emergency Preparedness

In our series on how to ensure compliance with OSHA,  join us as Alba explains how to ensure your Emergency Preparedness plan covers all aspects of your business.  In this session, Alba covers: How to…

Managing claims and safety

How to protect your company when using staffing agencies or PEOs to get the job done. During this 45 minute webinar we will cover: 1.     The reason behind OSHA and Cal/OSHA’s high inspection priority on employers…

The falls that can end it all

Join us as Alba explains how to ensure your fall prevention plan is effective. In this session Alba covers: 1. Tips to recognize fall hazards at your fixed and non-fixed places of employment 2. Fall…

How to prepare for a surprise Cal/OSHA inspection

This month Alba helps us explore how to best prepared for a visit from CAL/OSHA 1. Is your facility under the Cal/OSHA’s radar? 2. How does your injury and illness rate relate to Cal/OSHA’s surprise…

The Heat Is On!

This month, with summer on the way, we look at how Heat Illness prevention measures can help your business. Get Slides Get Handout

Ergonomics in the Aging Workplace

This month Alba helps us explore how the workplace needs to adapt to provide safe work spaces. Ergonomics is an essential component and with an aging workforce is essential to be planned.  Link to CalOsha…

Assessing risk before starting work: Job Hazard Analysis

Alba and Doug Choi discuss the need to a comprehensive Job Hazard Analysis in the workplace. Focusing on what you can do to review risk before a new employee starts in role.  https://vimeo.com/678218856/fb55c1a2df Get Slides

Safety Inspections That Keep OSHA Away Webinar Replay

As promised here is a replay of the important webinar on Safety Inspections and its effect on your business.

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