COVID-19 Return To Work Planning Materials


Welcome to the COVID-19 Return To Work Information Site.

Provided by Milestones and ESM Insite

With the fast pace and ever-changing conditions surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, Milestone Risk Management has teamed up with ESM Insite to help you prepare for the return to work scenarios you will experience during the end to lockdown.

As specialists in our respective fields Milestones and ESM have prepared a number of materials to help you plan and implement the plans for your business.

Your business should prepare its plans based on guidance from the State of California, OHSA, and the CDC. We have prepared a webinar briefing explaining the key points to consider along with how to access to the latest information from these bodies.

We have included a range of materials to help you and your business plan and implements its return to work strategy. We hope you find it useful.

Your free download includes:

  1. Checklists
  2. Exposure Control Plans
  3. Fillable PDF’s
  4. Healthcheck and Safety Documents
  5. Posters



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