WCIRB Rule Changes


New Cost-Saving Initiatives Passed by the CA WCIRB.

WCIRB Rule Changes

The WCIRB has filed three rule changes to be approved by the California Insurance Commissioner. While they have yet to be approved, we have every expectation that these rules will be approved this week.

  • Any medical or indemnity claim costs due to a worker’s COVID-19 illness will not be included in ExMod calculation.
  • Any employees being paid, but not working, can be excluded from reportable payroll to your Worker’s Comp insurance carrier.
  • The clerical classification (8810) can be applied to non-clerical employees that are temporarily working in a clerical capacity with a few exceptions.

When removing employees from work comp audited payroll or changing their class code, be sure to record the change with backup documentation to provide at audit. This will ensure you receive the benefits listed above.

We expect more information to become available and further clarifications on these WCIRB rule changes in due course so we will update this article when available. See the latest release for additional details.

Read more COVID-19 information from our dedicated COVID-10 pages.

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