Emergency Preparedness


In our series on how to ensure compliance with OSHA,  join us as Alba explains how to ensure your Emergency Preparedness plan covers all aspects of your business.

In this session, Alba covers:

  1. How to prepare a comprehensive list of the different types of emergencies that can occur at your places of employment
  2. A brief description of the types of response that are appropriate for each of your emergencies and the Cal/OSHA regulations that will apply
  3. The requirements per the Cal/OSHA regulation regarding your Emergency Action Plan and how does this translate into a practical program
  4. Confusion and lack of communication are the top two elements that will make any emergency a living nightmare!
  5. How to establish a chain of command to be followed during emergencies
  6. The top 3 things you can do to make sure your emergency action plan is put into practice
  7. Instances of terrorism and “mass shooters”…it could never happen at your place of employment…or could it? Should you have something in writing or just do a practice drill?
  8. Understanding how emergency preparedness done the right way can reduce the amount and severity of injuries and illnesses

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