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Workers’ Compensation Insurance

Workers’ Compensation Insurance

workers comp

Workers’ Compensation Insurance

If you’re doing business in California, you know how expensive workers’ compensation insurance is here. In fact, workers’ comp coverage is typically two to five times more expensive in California than in other states! Working with a brokerage that specializes in this area – and can address the pain points for both you and your employees – is a must.

Reduce Your Workers’ Comp Burden

As workers’ comp specialists, Milestone has a multi-pronged approach designed to improve safety, see to it that injured employees are properly cared for, reduce your coverage costs and reduce the workload for your human resources team. We provide:

Expert Ex-Mod

The workers’ comp experience modifier (known as the “X-mod”) is a numeric factor used to calculate your premium. We strategize ways to bring your X-mod down. Then we work with you to create and implement a plan that will make your business more readily insurable, at lower rates.

Proven Safety Programs

Your goal is to proactively reduce or eliminate injuries. Our in-house experts will work with your team to make this happen, with best practice safety procedures and training programs.

Intelligent Claims Management

What’s the best way to handle workers’ comp claims? In a positive and empathetic way that makes your injured employees feel well cared for, helps them navigate a confusing system and gets them back to work as quickly as possible.

What’s the easiest way to manage workers’ comp claims? Let Milestone’s on-staff adjuster manage them for you. You complete the investigation and then we take it from there, managing all of the parts and pieces until the case is complete.

Return-to-Work Oversight

Having an effective return-to-work program, including the ability for employees to return to light-duty jobs until they fully recover, is vitally important for lowering the cost of your workers’ comp claims. In fact, some carriers won’t even work with you if you do not have a good return-to-work program in place.

Remember, there are two aspects to workers’ comp costs: medical costs and disability payments. A good return-to-work program helps keep the disability side of things to a minimum, which helps prevent your X-mod from skyrocketing. Since your premiums are based on a three-year rolling average of your X-mod, this ultimately helps you avoid three years of higher premiums.

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