Are you spending more than you should on business insurance?

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The Problem

Why is it costing you more?

Are you aware that the current way you purchase business insurance means that a year-end audit will be required. This is bad news as the resulting audit can increase your costs, let us explain?…


New Model

What if I told you there was a new model to General Liability insurance for Solar Contractors and Consultants that can help you hedge against future expenses…

\Would you want to know more? 

A++ Rate

What if I told you there was an A++ rated General Liability insurance company that was bucking the trends of old by providing a premium model that is structured with the benefit of the client (insured) in mind?

No Audit

What if I told you that Milestone has a General Liability insurance solution where you have no year-end audit?  

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We would be delighted to explain more on how this innovation can stop you spending more than you should.

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Thank you for taking the time to visit the web page we have set up, just for you.

At Milestone Risk Management we believe in highly personalized service with time and dedication for all of our clients.

Our principles of Understanding You, Preparing You and Showcasing You deliver a unique match of broker, carrier and client.

I would be delighted to explore how we could help your business deliver on the promises that it makes to its employees, customers and shareholders.

Warren Weed

SVP Risk Management


What They Think

“This was a General Liability insurance solution unlike any I have seen before in the world of solar contractors.  The old audit model was eliminated while delivering industry best coverage terms and pricing at the same time.  Warren and the Milestone Team delivered a hedge against future costs which we so appreciate!”

Lynette Wilkerson

CFO at Solar Leader – Freedom Forever, LLC 

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Complete personalized benefits programs to enable your attraction and retention business strategies.


We believe business owners need protection too. We have dedicated team to help you protect the wealth you generate.


As a complete Risk Management Agency we provide your business with showcased access to carriers providing a unique insight into your business.